Rickyfitts – Your Prophesied Demise

Last night Portsmouth duo and soon to be part Bristol residents Rickyfitts made their Bristol debut at the Louisiana. Joining the mass ranks of guitar drums duo’s Rickyfitts very much feel as if they have come from the same loin clothes as the likes of Winnabago Deal, the much forgotten about Oxfordshire band who tore holes in peoples ears the best part of a decade ago. Their energy was on stage was one of flamboyance mixed together with sonic booms.

Your Prophesied Demise draws on moments of Melvins sounding guitars and Eighties Matchbox B-line Disaster styled screams. There was a raw fuzz about them that I found to be really exciting and that they played with real enthusiasm.

Give them a bit of times but I think that they could find themselves really at home with the Howling Owl or Stolen Bodies families, mixing sludge with heavy grinding psych rock, or even Acid rock.

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Lubomyr Melnyk

The name Lubomyr Melnyk is one that hardly roles off the tongue with any great sense of ease. It is though a name though that is hard to Forget that is for sure,
Lubomyr is an alternative classical pianist and composer who works mostly in the theory of continuous playing, That is the playing of any piece of music or compositions without any pauses, creating often multi textured works that much like Nils Frahm builds very visual and evocative melodies.
With Evertina Lubomyr plays around much more with the mechanics of subtlety, gradually drawing a picture of beauty that is left un cluttered. Quite often it feels like Lubomyr is analysing his own thought process building up syncopations. Evertina is a breath taking peice of moving subtlety which is no suprise that Erased Tapes picked this up because it could easily sit beside Nihls Frahm or Olafur Arnalds, stunning!

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So this has been another heady week of heavy gig going that saw me drag my gradually deceasing body and feeling as dead as a donkey. Things start off something decidely underground in every sense of the word heading to the Broad st Crypt for the Cacophonous Sarcophagus night of pure noise and artistic improvisations. It was a unique experience raving on a whole load of toomb stones felt some what apt to be kicking with a line up that boasted manic dual drumming improvisers Action Beat.   There was the aptly named genius Doomstep duo Necro Deathmort who played an absolutely phenomenal set of minimalist intense claustrophobia inducing mass droning tunes. Think if of the musical offspring of Godflesh and Burial and you might get an idea. Minimalist electro from the also apropriately named Dead Fader. Bringing up the noise rock were Henry Blacker and Pohl. All in all it was a very grave experience, kaboom tish but I would higly recomend going to one Cacophonous Sarcophagus nights, because it is a real experience.

Sunday Funday saw me start what was to be a week of me reliving my mid twenties with Maximo Park and Teleman at the Academy. This show had been rescheduled from the other week due to Paul Smith having to have an eye opperation and technically shouldnt have even been onstage performing, what with all the lazers and jumping around movement.

Support came from the ever dependable brit pop influenced indie Teleman.

Monday I went to see. one of Sub pops latest signings take to the Louisiana, a young female alternative pop artist by the name of Lyla Foy, who impressed a sparse crowd with her pretty remarkable vocal ability, sounding like a lofi Regina Spector with beautifully constructed songs bouncing delecately between sparse atmospherics and down pours of melody.

Support came in the form of the ever wonderful lofi off beat folk songstress Alessis Ark

And the equally impressive Mouse Deer soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/106032623″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

I also managed to hop skip and run over to catch the very tail end of Stanley Brinks set with the Wave Pictures over in Start The Bus.

Tuesday saw me venture over to the Academy For another one of my glorious mid 20’s flashbacks provided by Scotish indie stalwarts Franz Ferdinand. They delivered a career spanning set from their triumph of their debut album through to their testing difficult 3rd album, although they felt very much refreshed after a 3 year break. You very much got the sense that Alex Kapranos was very much enjoying fronting the band, acknowledging the audience  for their enthusiasm and support. 

Support came from one of my favourite bands of the moment Eagulls. It was so exciting to see this band play on the big stage delivering merciless bomb blasts to the un expecting audience. It really was thrilling to see, so much so that my feet barely touched the floor during their set. It really is great to have working class indie delivered with a sonic middle finger up to the world, like it or lump it.

because of things ending pretty early as per standard I managed to peg it over to Start The Bus to catch LA’s stoner punks White Fang, who were deleriously entertaining before collapsing in physically drained heap.

Wednesday saw the third and final of my mid 20’s flashbacks at the Academy with the indie pop stalwarts We Are Scientists who despite playing to a half full room managed to do an admirable job entertaining people. I must admit I was feeling a bit under the weather and was only waiting for the hits Like Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt.

I must admit I was really there too check out their main support the excellent Brit pop styling of Superfood, who sounded like the early rumblings of Blur and Seafood mixed together. Their set was great It felt like every song was a single or a potential single!

also opening up were The Heartbreaks.

On Thursday I was feeling dead in the water with body cramps so I need the musical equivalent of of comfort food, you know something you know your going to enjoy and its not too complex, so I headed down to the Louisiana to check out up and coming Indie rockers Dexters and one of this cities firm favourites Towns. Dexters pretty much delivered the kind of show you would expect from the denim jeaned up indie but with added 3 part vocal harmonies and big hooks smacking people in the mouths. It was simple but effective comfort food music.

As good as Dexters were there was no getting away from the fact that the band of the night were Towns. This was the first time I had seen them this year and boy have they come one since the last time I had seen them, it felt self assured nosedive into Brian Jonestown Massacre and Lupine Howl styled Psychedelia played with the hard knocked attitude. Nearly stepping away from their Stone Roses style comparisons.

Friday saw me in a bit of a conundrum because I had promised Idles I would be at ep launch show at the Louisiana, but I also wanted to check out the much hyped Jungle who’s show sold out the Exchange weeks in advance. So I forced myself to squeeze in both and boy it was a tight and badly fitting squeeze.

Jungle are one of the most hyped up bands this year and they were pretty fun, kind of like white man disco. Dragging up reminiscence of early Jamiraquai before they got ruined by one of the biggest egos in 90’s pop. It also felt like they were playing a bit of a tribute to the grand Adonis of Disco and pretty much every big hitting pop record since the 70’s Nile Rogers. With hand claps four part harmonies, four to the floor rhythms, razor thin guitars and big percussion mixed with squelchy Chromeo sounding Synths. Big and indeed fun, well more fun then the band Fun. 

Supporting were Peckhams loveable nerdy left field popsters Beaty Heart, who happily fell between the missing link of Friendly Fires and Metronomy, in an un ashamedly nerdy style.

but then I pegged it over to the Louisiana to catch up with Idles who were in absolutely formidable form. Like Towns the night before they really delivered a set that was built full of perfect hammer blows of controlled aggression. it was great to see kids really responding to the music. I never expected them to be so good, especially as I had been sceptical of them. But what can I say other then what I saw left me gob smacked especially the new songs, they could quite easily rival Eagulls with their blow for blow acounts.

well that was one hell of a week!



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Where shall I start with my catch up of the weeks gigs, other then rounding up the rest of the things I saw at the Jazz festival. I was lucky that I was working at the Jazz fest because it meant I got too see all the acts I wanted too. I must admit I never thought I would get to see some real jazz legeneds of groove.

Saturdays main highlight was the very original funky drummer Zigaboo Modeliste who is bedt known for being the drummer of The Metres, the original pioneers of funk.

There was also a headline gig from Fred Wesley and Pee Wee Eliss who were best known as the horn section for the one and only James Brown.

There was also up and coming pianist and young composer of the years winner Beka Gochiashvili

And lets not forget about Elliott Randall big blustering 60’s feel good blues rock. 

After things were all finished on Saturday night I then headed on over to Start The Bus to see legendary hip hop double bass and scratch dj duo Fingathing who were celebrating their return to bristol in about 5 or so years. 

Sunday saw me back at the Colston Hall feeling pretty worse for ware but it did finish off in fine style with Highlights from Get The Blessing, who proved with such effortless ease why they are in my opinion the greatest jazz band in the UK, who with added in put from Portishead guitarist Adrian Uttley they slayed all with cutting doom jazz, presenting fresh takes from their new album Lope And Antilope.

They were joined with Indigo Kid who were Nice, infact the whole weekend was as you could put it nice.

Sunday night saw a headline set from Irish rockabily fire cracker Imelda May, who delivered a real grooving set of emotional rock n roll driven with real sense of rock n rolls thrill ride.

Of course I ended up staying around for the legendary jam sessions that took place.

Monday happened and despite having less life Dodo I managed to drag my rotting corpse out the door down to the cellar of the Louisiana which boasted and impressive line up of local artists staring Jack Cookson, Beccy Farr, Ben Truner and an absolutely jaw dropping opening set from Singer harpist Natalie Whitelands, who managed to charm people with her own songs but leave people stunned when she wheeled out Phillip Glass with which you could feel the collective jaw drop before finishing off with a cover of Sufjan Stevens Chicago. 

Wednesday I decided to take the trip all the way across the other side of the city up Gloucester rd to see my good friends Brockley Forrest bring their swamp garage blues rock. soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/users/11584541″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Thursday saw me do the classic gig sprint from one venue to another first of all I was at the Thunderbolt for Bristols greatest ever beat combo, the ever overly enthusiastic Bucky who were playing their first show in over a year supporting Black Casino and the Ghost. As with every Bucky show there was one personality that dwarfed everything that being the one armed drumming sensation know as Joff. Joff is enthusiasm personified and hilariously absent minded. It’s fair to say its probably the only ever time I have ever been told that I look like Brenda Lee

Because the gig finished pretty early that meant I could head somewhere else if I wanted too, so me and my friend decided to head over too the Stag and Hounds because I was tempted to try and catch Those Amongst Us Are Wolves who were pretty impressive Mogwai inspired post rock.

Friday saw me head somewhere, completely underground, the Cavern Club in st Nicks Market for a Howling Owl Records night starring a stellar headline set from Nottinghams brilliantly shoegaze psych rockers The Cult Of Dom Keller.

Support came from Bristols own psych trio Taos Humm

Opening up the night were local duo Factotum, who I couldnt help but feel that lacked a certain Joff factor.

all in all it was great week of shows.


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So its been like over a week since I updated you out there interested with my gig going addictions, so where shall I start other then where I left off, that being a Saturday, which saw a visit from much hyped American rock band the Orwells, who were nothing spectacular in my opinion.

support came from the rather limp wristed Beatle’s tribute band the Silver Palms, who just seemed to lack any sense of what some might call charisma.

I then shot on over the Louisiana to see cock rock funness of Chinese Missy, to say they sounded like Def Leopard was a bit of an understatement. 

Sunday come face to face with one of my icons of metal Mr Max Cavelera and his tribe otherwise known as Soulfly. Of course they rattled through a 2 hour set of Soulfly’s back catalogue mixed in the obligatory battle cries of Roots Bloody Roots and Nailbomb from the former Sepultura front man. He seemed very happy to be on stage.  

Monday saw me take too Start The Bus to see one of my personal cult hero’s Kelley Stultz who was one of Sub Pops many psychedelic pop artists who were unfortunately axed from the label when Sub Pop went into a merger. Luckily for him Mr Jack White was a massive fan and agreed to put out the new album. tonight he gave pretty much a dream pop master class and a guide into how to pay tribute to some of your favourite artists. )

support came from one of my personal favourite local artists Something Anorak )

opening up was local blues lover Martin Aloysius Brignall 

Tuesday saw me head to the Louisiana to see what will go down as one of the gigs of the year, an absolutely blistering gig from teen brothers from my other mother over in Portland Oregon and a band that have been much talked about by those in the know Radkey. I hate to use Americanised terms but Rad is perfect way to sum them up because they dig up the corpse of the great American punk bands like Bad Brains and The Misfits and sit uneasy with the whole pretence of the garage rock movement. The energy of their show just felt really authentic. About ten mins into their set I turned to one of my friends both of our jaws were pretty much on the ground with astonishment screaming Fuuuucccccccckkkkkkk!!!! )

It was a case where all three of the acts were, both Turnogeist with their subversive humorous grunge and Lyger with their love of early Biffy Clyro and Rival Schools played their part in one hell of a gig.  )

Wednesday Saw a change of pace with the slowed down tones of lyrical poetry from hip hop artist Homeboy Sandman, who delivered an emotive yet thought provoking set of very switched on concious rhymes at start The Bus. )

Support came from up and coming rapper I Am Many )

And a brilliant production set from former Bristol dweller Paul White )

Thursday saw me feeling groggy and sorry for myself so didnt feel like venturing very far, luckily for me that my gig of choice that evening was only just down the road from my flat in The Thunderbolt which was headlined by the enigmatic She Makes War, who was playing a warm up show for her German tour. )

support came from doom chamber folk outfit. )

and young Cardiff based singer songwriter Ellie Makes Music who displayed a lot of pottential. )

Friday saw me being roped in last second to work at the Bristol Jazz Festival at the Colston Hall, which I didnt complain about because it meant I got to see Afrobeat pioneers  Osibisa who really did light up the main hall with their African sunshine feel and 70’s grooves. Osibisa were one of my highlights at Womad and this was a real reminder as to why they were so good. )

Also playing on Friday were Bristol festival favourites Moscow Drug Club and Gypsy Fire. )


Expect to hear more from the jazz festival in my next rambling post!


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This weeks gigs Boy and Bear, Fat White Family, Neneh Cherry, The Wytches, Drenge and Eagulls!

Well that was another ace week of gigs, we had everything from come back Queens, singer song writers through to rip curling gas snorting rock n roll, lively and Dangerous.

Lets start with last Saturday and the beautiful song writing from of Australia’s most golden sounding bands Boy and Bear at the Thekla graced our ears with well constructed sun shine pop with multi layered harmonies. The last time I saw the 5 piece was at the Cooler a couple of years ago, which was possibly Bristols worst venue because unless you were 500 ft tall then you couldnt see anything unless you were 5 inches from the stage.

And as per last time they had a rather brilliant young singer songwriter, this time it came in the form of Leeds based Eaves, who looked like a young Neil Young but with a James Taylor emotional heart pulling twist.soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/users/28218281″ params=”color=ff5500&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]

Because of the venues early curfew it meant that i could go off to another gig so I headed off to another gig at Start The Bus with brummy Pixies and Weezer lovers Dumb

Sunday felt like as if I was stuck in Groundhog day, I had never known Bill Murrays life could be so repetitive as it was the 5th night in a row I had ended up at Start The Bus.This time it wasnt to see any nice safe indie, no I went to see gritty, scuzzy dirgy rock n roll monsters Fat Whit Family, who managed to ply the sinister edge of Nick Caves Birthday Party days with an Iggy pop styled energy. They were fantastic, sweaty and gnarly.

joining them on the tour were Londions answer to Les Savy Fav Claw Marks, who shared the simularities with un predictable front men and were absolutely brilliant.

opening up the show were my Zambian brothers from other Mothers Bite The Buffalo.

Monday saw me venture to the newly opened venue in Stokes Croft, The Love Inn, for an intimate homecoming album launch show from the one and only Neneh Cherry and Rocket Number 9, the swedish singer had spent quite a few years living in Bristol working with the likes of Massive Attack and Tricky. Celebrating the release of her first solo album in 18 years The Blank Project whic saw her team up with Rocket Number 9 and Four Tet and it is very cutting edge return.

Wednesday saw me take to the basement of the Exchange for the Nivana inspired brighton based trio The Wytches, who were pretty good.

Although my main reason for going was to see the Bristol debut of The Epicdemics a side project from Jimmy and Julia from Future of The Left and just like FOTL they were frickin hillarious, with many geniusly quoteable lyrics. 

Thursday saw me head to the Fleece to atch Nme’s band of the moment The Loveless brothers of Drenge throttle out the jams to an over excitable young audience, this was one of those shows where I began to feel my age.

support came in the form of Neu! sounding psych kraut groovers Traams, and the sounds of classic Steve Albini production sound of Kagoule who sounded like early Nirvana, elements of Shellack and early Radiohead.

Friday saw me see one of my favourite Indie bands around at the moment Eagulls at the Louisiana who have given the music industry a full blown boot in the face, with their unpretentious working class background singing songs with a real heart on sleeve honesty that harks back to the early days of the Psychedelic Furs and Echo and The Bunnymen.  

Their tour support Autobahn were efectively a Psychedelic Furs tribute band in full beautiful style with a singer that looked like a young cross between John Cooper Clark and Joey Ramone.

opening up the show were the brothers Sherrin and their band Milos Planes a spunked up young punk trio from this fine city! 

some right crackers this past week then!

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Ok so time for my regular round up of what I saw. so lets kick off with last Saturday with a rare and indeed very intimate show from one of Bristols most consistently brilliant song writers Gravenhurst. His show at the Thunderbolt was truly spellbinding reflection of a career that has seen him be picked up by Warp records and featured on a variety of film soundtracks with a set that spanned nearly 20 years of song writing. you could pretty much play a game of pick a duff song out his pack and I guarantee you would fail.

Support came from Sean Talbots new project, Landslide Purist which they had to play a largely improvised set due to equipment failure, but still they managed to have a beautiful air of Jan Tiersen  about his playing delicate melodies.

Opening up the night was the rather beautiful Faint Wild Light, the acoustic acid folk project James Ginzburg who is more renowned for his electro house mixes with the likes Empyset.

After the show I then ran down to Start the Bus to check sweet lofi indie poppers from Sweden Simian Ghost 

Sunday saw me head to the Louisiana for a bit of pure old indie pop goodness from London relative newcomers Shy Nature who delivered a briliantly crafted set fo pure indie pop. 

Support came from the kind of Strokes like but good sounding Aussies The Creases. 

It was pretty small crowd but in amongst the crowd I found myself dancing with Micheal from heaven 17 styled pop band MT, which was fun.

Monday saw the first of an absolutely incredible blizzard of gigs and a show that will live long in peoples memories, for it being a rare outing from super psychedelic glam stompers Atlanta’s Of Montreal. who played an absolutely heart stopping set at the Fleece. Who’s set started off really well and gradually grew into a an absolutely sublime psychedelic monstrous crescendo and rapid walls of noise drawing on the likes of Gram Parsons, Bowie and the Grateful Dead. Huge psychedelic projections lit up the stage, causing me to really freak out, I mean I found myself nearly crawling onstage to lick the singers feet.

Tuesday saw me back at the Louisiana to watch infectious power pop of Thumpers

Support came from the rather excellent young pop starlet Pawws

Wednesday saw me head down the Thekla to see Indies favourite Spiritualized / Lupine Howl tribute band and ex Jing Jang Jong people Toy, who I really enjoyed. Mind you I am a sucker for swirling guitars and chiming riffs.

support came in the form of Byrds styled 60’s psych pop of Propper Ornaments featuring Patric Doyle of Veronica Falls.

Because like most Thekla gigs it was over well before 10pm  I found myself wondering on over to Start The Bus to catch James Blake inspired lofi electro pop of Phoria.

Thursday was a show I had been looking forward to for most of this week at Start The Bus, a co headline show from Brighton’s Michael A Grammar and South Londoners Happyness. the arrival of Michael A Grammar to the live scene has been explosive and their debut ep has got to be one of the most impressive things I’ve heard so far this year, and tonight’s show was a real display of breath taking guitar riffing like Tame Impala before they became an Emerson Lake and Palmer tribute act, brilliantly fizzing despite the fact that they had been stuck in the tour van for the best part of 9 hours.

Happyness opted for a much more subtle Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo style of indie.  

Opening up were local good guys Lets Kill Janice who had to play a shortened set due to everything running so late!

So Frday night is usually a big night for most people and so I went for a pretty big show at the Academy especially because Warpaint were playing. The 4 ladies from LA are one of the more interesting bands in contemporary music. atmospheric sound that was slightly ruined by the chattering of voices. If you are going to be down the front of a gig then please don’t ruin it for others by talking all the way through it.

support came from Liverpool’s brilliantly subtle dream pop outfit All We Are. 

Because of the early cerfew it meant i had plenty of times to head on over to Start The Bus and catch brilliant London industrial rave mentalists Gum Takes Tooth, even if it meant having to put up with the hilariously bad At The Heart Of It All, think like an electro version of Spinal Tap. I couldnt help but laugh.

Also on the bill were Jazzy post rockers Hymmel.

All in All a rather mammoth week!

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So this past week or so of gigs has certainly been a lively one for sure. Where shall I start off, well I guess its best I start off with Last Saturday night and the visit of Sleaford Mods, if you ever imagined a snotty nosed working class version of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, with John Cooper Clarke style raging angry but yet at points utterly hilarious lyrics about working class life.  support came from the rather fantastic doom sludge metal band Henry Blacker, who managed to dig up the renascence to early Melvins with big sludgy riffs and heavily distorted vocals.  Sunday saw me watch what i could only describe as A Randy Newman Look a like performing Crowded House style un emotive pop music, that was the worst of all things as nondescript. You when a band is not bad, in fact they have good musicians but yet don’t seem to have songs with any real sense of passion. Well this is what I witnessed with Ron Pope. It felt about as emotionally charged as Christian rock show just felt too clean and drained of anything with any emotional quality.  I mostly went because Wakey Wakey was supporting who at least seemed to have some emotional interaction with the audience where as it felt like Ron was putting on all his emotion. 

Also opening up the Show was the beautiful voice of Alexz Johnson.

Monday saw me head down to a rather good local line-up of local talent featuring math indie rockers Tiers, Phill Collins sound a likes Moon Club and the ever wonderful Why We Love who were performing a set of entirely new material. 

Wednesday I saw what has to go down as gig of the year so far, Young Fathers at the Louisiana. Edinburgh may not be renowned as a hot bed for alternative hip hop or that the UK could possibly produce an outfit that are so left field and cutting edge and radically different from the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Tiny Tempa. you can see how exactly they could fit in with Anticon’s roster because the nearest thing they reflected was a mixture of Cloudead, why and Subtle mixed in with Afro Jazz influences put onto full on distortions which they made big and boomy with wall to wall Energy.

Support came from wonderfully different and hard to categorise vocal style of Law Holt, her voice was un like many others I’ve heard before, it literally floated on androgynous and emotive. 

Thursday saw me head down The Mothers ruin for a entry night of rock n roll that featured the Greasy Slicks and a rather full on teenage garage blues duo from just down the road in Taunton The Surgeons, who absolutely nailed The Black Keys and Yardbirds RnB style. 

Friday, Valentines Day, or as I call Volentiles Day, because its usually the most miserable day of the year, well anyway I played the lone Cupid. And as the Lone Cupid I hopped around from The Roll For The Soul Cafe, where the Jelas were hosting their ep launch for Beetroot Yourself, as per usual they were wonderfully wonky. Support came from the wonderfully lo fi Trust Fund who were celebrating international Weezer Day. 

I then pegged it off faster then you can say Oh No Big Jeff is coming over to the Exchange for Thought Forms set. Thought Forms are a band that I dare not miss a single second, because they are one of Bristols most exciting guitar bands, managing to fuse together moments of space rock and heavy shoeagaze.  

well that was another great week.


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So this past week or so of gigs has certainly been a lively one for sure. Where shall I start off, welol I guess its best I start off with Last Saturday night and the visit of Sleaford Mods, if you ever imagined a snotty nosed working class version of Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip, with John Cooper Clarke style raging angry but yet at points utterly hilarious lyrics about working class life. 

support came from the rather fantastic doom sludge metal band Henry Blacker, who managed to dig up the remenance to early Melvins with big sludgy riffs and heavily distorted vocals. 

sunday saw me watch what i could only describe as A Randy Newman Look a like performing Crowded House style un emotive pop music, that was the worst of all rthings as non descript. You qwhen a band is not bad, infact they have good musicians but yet dont seem to have songs with any real sence of passion. Well this is what I whitnessed with Ron Pope. It felt about as emtionally charged as Christian rock show just felt too clean and drained of anything with any emotional quality. 

I mostly went because Wakey Wakey was supporting who at least seemed to have some emotional interaction with the audience where as it felt like Ron was putting on all his emotion.


Also opening up the Show was the beautiful voice of Alexz Johnson.


Monday saw me head down to a rather good local line-up of local talent featuring math indie rockers Tiers, Phill Collins sound alikes Moon Club 

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Well hey its been another cracking week of gigs, its fair to say that there have been a fair few contenders foe gig of the year and including an early entrant for the Grooviest Granddad of the year. Where shall I start, well I guess the best place to start would be last Saturday, I found myself In The South Bank Centre in Southville for the very first time for a fundraising all day gig that boasted a very strong line-up boasting performances from the Likes of Trust Fund, Jelas, Expensive, Moats, The Middle Ones The Venue had a feeling of like being in a village hall, with the plush wooden floors and colourful decor, bunting and cut out figures along with food and lucky dip kind of felt like it was a local fate. Trust Funds headline set was brilliant, drawing nods from the likes of The Delgados, High Llamas and early Weezer delivering some quite brilliant slabs of slacker pop. The Jelas were their normal ram-shackled and highly un predictable selfs, with songs that dont really so much follow song structure as much as they simply make up more parts. Expensive brought out their Chvurches style lofi electronica.  Twee Folk of the Middle Ones  Last Sunday I watched one of the best metal bands in the world (in my opinion) Kylesa take on the Exchange with absolutely mind blowing sonic tour de force. The psychedelic sludgy Doom metal outfit from Georgia pummelled twin drummers, guitars and hypnotic vocals. Monday I saw ex Verve men Nick McCabe and Simon Jones play the Louisiana with their current project Black Submarine who seemed to create a sound not too unlike the early Verve materiel with Amelia Tucker providing a near perfect foil.   Tuesday I was back at the Louisiana to catch young up and coming producer and song writer East India Youth, a guy who first turned my head at End of The Road Festival. He is someone who has really creatively pushed out the boat mixing moments of pop genius with experimental ambience and intense ear burning noise.    Wednesday I was at the Colston Hall for a bit of a song writing master class from Suzanne Vega. I was lucky that a friend of mine had a ticket going spare that he was willing to give to me for free because I couldn’t afford the ticket price. It was an absolutely supreme display in both self belief and ultimate skill in telling stories, I was fighting to keep tears in my eye’s especially with some of her new materiel. everything was performed with real precision eve delivering some of her hits with a rearrangements of Toms Diner.

Thursday saw me completely freak out to Noise duo Fuck Buttons, a group formed by two ex UWE students, making ambitious and dense dance music that acts as a complete sensory overload. I was having hallucinations left right and centre because of the mixture of the sonic intensity and the big light show. It was pretty drilling. 

Support came from Invada records latest signing Cuts who were playing their debut home town show. They were really impressive mixture of cold trip hop and post rock which was rellay cool and creepy.

Friday saw me head to the Exchange to see the legendary jazz punk explosion that is Blurt, fronted by the ever spiritedly beat poetic lyricist and sax player and all round other worldly legend Ted Milton. its fair to say that Ted Milton gets the nod for the Grooviest Granddad, still busting out moves in his early 70’s.

A Pretty good week of gigs if you ask me!

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