The St Pierre Snake Invasion – A Hundred Years in A Day


A hundred Years In a Day is the long awaited debut album from my favourite Bristol punk / hardcore outfits The St Pierre Snake Invasion.

Following on from the Everyone’s Welcome To My Opinion ep, from back in 2013 Hundred Years and A Day waists no time in setting about with big riffs and hard pounding drums and of course sarcastic lyrics.

Their very much a band that come from the Shellac and Mclusky school of song writing. Pushing the boundaries with some of the hardcore music fans find alienating. What St Pierre do is nothing new, some of the other reviews have been making comparisons with Arctic Monkeys for their use of big riffs and witty lyrics.

For me they have more in comparison with Peel favourites Half Half Biscuit then it does with Alex Turners outfit. The actual track listing does kind of read like a set list of songs that Nigel Blackwell would concoct.

The barded riffs help deliver a force driven feel and an energy, that perfectly captures the bands live energy. I can pretty much feel the spittle fly out of the singer, Damian Sayell’s  mouth, the production is meaty and thick feeling.

The songs are a wash with sarcasm, taking pot shots at  cultural personalities (David Ickarumba) BBC paedophilia scandal (Sex Dungeons and Dragons) and pop culture (Rock N’ Roll Workshops, If The Only Way I Essex Then You Can Kill Me Now).

Hundred Years And A Day is the record of a band that don’t give two figs about whether they are cool or not, they are the sound of dissatisfaction.

You can order their album from their bandcamp page as well as major online distributors.

About bigjeffbristol

I am someone from Bristol in England who is deeply obsessed with live music! its pretty much like an OCD styled obsession that means pretty much every night I am out. I like being down the fron for shows, because then I can feel the music pulsing through me and I am not going to lie to you, I like to dance a lot. Which can make me at times incredibly annoying because of being 6ft4 tall with blonde curly locks so I am the Thoroughly Annoying Blonde!. and I like to preach my geeky musical inertia to people!
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