Spectres – Spectre

So everyone has heard the syrupy lead song from the new James Bond movie Spectre from everyone’s favourite lung hugger Sam Smith. here’s Bristol based shoegasers Spectres own attempt at writing a James Bond theme.

It has all the elements of 90’s indie croon feel and sweeping strings that have dominated Bond soundtracks over the decades. They manage to mix elements of Rides long drawn out fuzzy guitars and Cowboy Junkies style grit with a big bombastic pop feel.

Joe Hatts Voice definately feels at home with the very dream like production, stripped back rhythm holding the song together, kind of has a reminiscence to David Gedge’s Cinerama.

About bigjeffbristol

I am someone from Bristol in England who is deeply obsessed with live music! its pretty much like an OCD styled obsession that means pretty much every night I am out. I like being down the fron for shows, because then I can feel the music pulsing through me and I am not going to lie to you, I like to dance a lot. Which can make me at times incredibly annoying because of being 6ft4 tall with blonde curly locks so I am the Thoroughly Annoying Blonde!. and I like to preach my geeky musical inertia to people!
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