The Manic Street Preachers feat. Richard Hawley – Rewind The Film

What is there that is left to be said about the Manics that hasn’t been said a gazzillion times before, they are one of Wales biggest exports and have constantly delivered big hitting albums and have always strived to be one step ahead of the rest, usually with their big guitars which usually scream Manics.

So I thinks its interesting that Rewind the film doesn’t have that instant Manics feel about it, there is no big pounding electric guitars, opting for gently picked melodies, that are subtle layered together and a heavy use of strings in the background.

I think its interesting that they have given so much of this song to Richard Hawley, maybe its because they felt it suited Hawley’s vocal style much more then that of James Dean Bradfield. It is only in patches that the distinctive voice of Bradfield really cuts through on the choruses and towards the end

Rewind The Film also like some of the other releases this year has a very reflective feel, as told with the video of an Oap walking through Blackwood an old mining town in Wales., Passing the old Colliery in a very nostalgic touch.

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