Cowtown – Monotone Face


cowtown // monotone face from AllAboardFilm / / Mark Ludgate on Vimeo.


cowtown have been rocking peoples mono faces for a while. let them rock yours too and you’ll be very happy you did. this fresh energetic song will give your face just the jolt it needs.

get your fix extended here:


This is the video for Monotone face the lead single taken from one of Leeds most bonkers post punk experimentalist bands, Cowtown and their debut album Dudes vs Bad Ducks, which is an absolutely cracking mentalist and completely mental record. Everything that is great about this band is summed up in this very song.

The ingredients that make this work is pretty simple take Talking Heads, throw in some XTC guitar riffs and in Trevor Horne kind of Tv killed the radio star era Buggles, especially with the synths and then alow to raise listening to the od kraftwerk record. What you are left with is an ultimately fun listen.

I know that this came out last years and that I am about a million years behind everybody else but, I have just found it, I personally don’t know the band, I only really know of them because of stumbling on them through someone having a twitter conversation with the band. Their album is ace, a completely bonkers and interesting little world that they have created.

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