One of my many youtube discoveries that I found over Christmas, when having a one of my many youtube browsing sessions. having you know one of those sessions where I was seeking new acts on youtube, watching countless videos. Doing the usual thing of starting off with an act I vaguely know, ie I mights have seen them within the past year.

Well anyhow this is how I cam across  Computer Magic. I cant remember who I started off looking at that day, I think it might wel have been either shoegazers Pure X or Sleep~Over (2 bands who I saw play to about 20 people in the top deck of the Thekla). I think it was probably more likely to be Sleep~over because of them having having certain similarities.

Computer Magic is the brain child of 20 something Brooklyn based Dj/blogger Danielle Johnson, my first thoughts upon stumbling across her, was that this sounded quite reminiscent of Saint Etienne. There is definitely more then just a passing reference to Sarah Cracknell’s often dreamy vocal style.

there is also a bit of Dubstar with the way she has layered her vocals up in places to over lap creating a chorus effect, maybe that is a bit of an odd comparison

Its like as if Danielle has floated back to the 90s lofi, with squelching synths, building up delicate melodies, built up with simple repetitive beats, almost making it sound like krautrock being made on tatty styled casio keyboards. Its the kind of thing i can imagine being the perfect soundtrack to a Blockbusters video rental store, you know the sort of place where people analyse you on what you are watching or listening too.

I can just imagine her music being piped out whilst browsing the sci fi section. she is someone who seems to embrace her inner geek as with the shimmering lofi keyboards and references to 70’s sci fi, there is almost an element of Sisters With Transisters, but almost playing willingly like a character from Ghostworld, if they ever decided to go to a disco.

the intro to grand junction sounds almost a bit like the intro to Donna Summers 1979 classic I feel love, with its scatter shot synths. something I know a lot of producers refference, whilst mixing it in with almost classic pop doo wopped feel, I guess she is trying to create the kind of pop you could imagine listening to whilst up orbiting Saturn.

One of her songs sound randomly like The Sundays covering Radiohead’s Creep being with an old Master systems  keyboards. playing on every one of her quirks, with a classic simple pop lullaby of girl meets boy and falls in love. it kind of pull strings with bands like the Loves style of charm. 

I could just see myself throwing shapes to this, loosing all the care for the world, it almost sounds like the kind of music that would have been on old games consoles. You can download her 3 eps, for completely free form her website if you so wish to do so and is due to be releasing her debut album sometime really soon!!! Computer magic website

About bigjeffbristol

I am someone from Bristol in England who is deeply obsessed with live music! its pretty much like an OCD styled obsession that means pretty much every night I am out. I like being down the fron for shows, because then I can feel the music pulsing through me and I am not going to lie to you, I like to dance a lot. Which can make me at times incredibly annoying because of being 6ft4 tall with blonde curly locks so I am the Thoroughly Annoying Blonde!. and I like to preach my geeky musical inertia to people!
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