Once in a while i will come across such a band that sonically terrifies me so much that I end up absolutely loving them because they threaten you in such a viceral way ear bleed ing way. so this is where I introduce to you out there, if there is anyone out there Witch Cult.


I have seen these guys a couple of times live and what the hell can I say. They are possibly the most rampant sonically intense band in the UK at this very moment. I mean their live show is no longer then about 10 mins long but it is the kind of music that is played with so muchn ear bleeding brutality and force that it feel like a stampede. That or like being face fucked by a nail bomb and having a grenade going off inside of you

Witch Cult are masked crusaders as they almost effortlessly mix pure un a bridged grindcore and noise core cross over mixing in elements of Napalm Death (it was quite apt that they were one of the supports for Napalm Death at the Fleece),  The Locust, The Berzzerker  and maybe a bit of Melt Banana ( you may or may not get where I am coming from with the Melt Banana Comparison) and possibly even a bit of Dj Scotch Egg.

They frighteningly intense, with twin guitars being violently complimented by a table full of distortion units, which makes them a little bit more incisive with the sonic terrorism. I mean boy are they abrasive! Basically it kind of feels like as if you are caught in the middle of the most fierce anger therepy session.

I must admit that it is the fury which also at times intrigues me, I think its good to make angry raging music. I personally speaking can feel the therapeutic effects on me, after going to experience some out and out rage of the musical kind.  Both their live set and ep only stretch to 10 mins in length

Because along with their fury and sonic destruction comes something quite beautiful in my opinion, and that beauty is something called Passion.

Every word that the singer growls is spat out of honest intensity, as the songs do hurtle by at an incredible pace leaving me at times feeling a little un comfortable (God if we wanted everything comfortable and safe then we would all be androids, and possibly eve all be Coldplay fans).  and it is the un-comfortability that has drawn me to them.

About bigjeffbristol

I am someone from Bristol in England who is deeply obsessed with live music! its pretty much like an OCD styled obsession that means pretty much every night I am out. I like being down the fron for shows, because then I can feel the music pulsing through me and I am not going to lie to you, I like to dance a lot. Which can make me at times incredibly annoying because of being 6ft4 tall with blonde curly locks so I am the Thoroughly Annoying Blonde!. and I like to preach my geeky musical inertia to people!
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